Railroad Track Inspection Software

Railroad Track Inspection Software

trackAsset is a map-based asset and inspection management application designed to meet the Federal Railroad Administration’s(FRA) requirements for signal, bridge, track, and switch inspections. The system can be configured to accommodate the test and inspection forms required for a user to meet FRA standards.

Key Features

trackAsset allows the user to access “real-time” information in the field via the desktop or tablet. The user can conduct an inspection of a respective asset and update information immediately for a supervisor to view in the system including the marking of a track defect.

A robust scheduling and reminder engine is provided for all recurring inspections and test. Daily emails and simple calendar views provide visibility and accuracy in maintaining compliant records.

The system will allow the user to manage work orders in the field based on defects noted in the field. Work Orders in the system can then be assigned to users, set due dates, and follow up on remediation. As the work order is completed it can be updated from the field in real time.

Track inspections and defect management is visualized through the utilization of GPS coordinates and a map based interface, which allows for accurate identification of defects and provides for an overall management tool for predictive and preventative maintenance of the entire track system.

trackAsset provides filters to easily sort data on pending and completed defects in addition to supporting a robust reporting engine that allows for key business related data to be communicated through the organization. Reports can be sent through automated emails on a regular schedule.

The system has been specifically designed for wireless tablet devices so that the user can capture images for inspections, defects, and asset records, which provide more visibility and clarity for the organization. With minimal effort images can be attached to work orders documenting the remedial action taken.

trackAsset’s structure allows the user to add in any key customizable fields that the customer desires to be tracked. This feature includes the ability to setup measurements that need to be taken on a form or for the asset as general information that stays with the asset for life.

Railroad Software has made a priority on making the application – “Flexible”. This flexibility allows for customization of the forms that inspectors are responsible for in addition to the way the data about the assets is setup.

Key Benefits

trackAsset will enhance Continuous Quality Improvement, State of Good Repair, Capital Planning, Service Delivery and Safety.

Features such as GPS locating capability and map integration allows defects to be quickly identified and located by maintenance crews when performing repairs. Electronic inspection records allow for quick queries and standard compliance reporting. The ability to group defects by location(s) enhances the capital planning process so a property can make informed decisions based upon SOGR, Financial Constraints, Safety and other Strategic Goals.

The cost savings of implementing this system will be realized in the amount of time that will be saved in Management review. This will allow Management to spend more time in the field, proactively plan maintenance, perform trend analysis and maximize capital planning. Industry experts agree that the ability to trend and plan work versus performing reactive maintenance will cost 2-4 times less. Reducing the likelihood of overlooked items reduces the costs that could be incurred from service disruptions and catastrophic events that would result in heavy financial impacts.


FRA Compliant

The application has been under FRA compliant. trackAsset meets the code of regulations in Part 213, 234, 236, and 237.

Increase Productivity

By using the software, users can finish inspections more efficiently and increase time working on other job duties.

Asset Visibility

The practical dashboard and inspection forms produce a clear and concise visual of all the important data needed.

Accurate Record Keeping

All users have increased accuracy with historical logging, increased visibility, and a consistent medium of data input.

Easy Implementation

The configurable asset building allows for importing of previous files used or the ability to shape new ones quickly.

Reduce Paperwork

trackAsset is a paperfree application, which reduces paper waste use on daily, monthly, and other periodic inspection forms.

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Code Of Federal Regulations

Part 213 – Track Safety Standards
Part 234 – Grade Crossing Signal System Safety
Part 236 – Rules, Standards, & Instructions Governing the Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of Signal and Train Control Systems, Devices and Appliances
Part 237 – Bridge Safety Standards.

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