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Railroad Software’s Hours of Service software is designed to be the most user friendly in the railroad industry. The application specializes in collecting time data and reporting compliance issues as regulated by FRA 49 CFR Part 228. The application is specifically designed for each employee type (train crew, signal employees, and dispatchers) and maintains the compliance for each type of employee. The program’s templates allow for employees to select their times with ease and identify the type of work performed during the selected time period. trackHOS allows for administrators to assign employees to certain job groups that will enable the time tracking records for that employee type to be properly tracked.

Product features

User Friendly Web & Mobile UI

trackHOS is easily accessible by teams in the field to complete time entry in real time with greater accuracy.

Dashboards & Employee Reporting

The dashboard allows users to see time worked, time remaining for a tour of duty as well as other key graphical data.

Paperless Time Tracking

There is no longer a need to keep countless time tracking logs for employees with the application.

Covered & Commingled Time Managed

The FRA maintains that employees working on the movement and safety of a train work a limited number of covered service. The application has these rules built in to ensure violations do not occur and commingled time is maintained properly.

Real Time Compliance Management

By having a web-based application employees can update their time entries throughout the day rather than at the end of the day or week, which allows administrators greater visibility into their work.

FRA Excess Hours Reporting

By FRA regulations, every violation must be reported. The application will generate the required report format for the administrator to be able to deliver to the FRA.

Train Crew Employees
Train Employees 12 Hours on, 10 hours off are rules integrated into the software. The 276 monthly limit is kept up with as well. The Consecutive days 6 and 2 rule is kept up with and if an employee is away from their home terminal, the 7 days rule is also applied into the software. trackHOS also keeps track of Limbo Time, of which there are 30 hours allowed within a calendar month.
Signal Employee
Similar to train employees, the application shows the 12 hours on and 10 hours off for signal employees. Travel Time for signal employees to a destination other than their normal destination is counted as on-duty and this can be kept track of within the system, When covered service is performed within the same 24 hours that other service was performed, it becomes commingled time. Commingled time is kept track of in trackHOS.
Dispatcher Employee
Dispatcher employees time requirements are kept per the FRA regulations. Every dispatcher that makes movements of the train through telephone, radio, and other electrical or mechanical device must have their time records kept. The identification of timetable in effect, location and date, and the identification of the dispatcher and their time records must all be kept in order to meet FRA regulations.
Electronic Record Keeping
The FRA requires by 49 CFR 228.201 that electronic record keeping is to be maintained with accuracy and precision, which the application does. The records are subject to audits and with the application the FRA has the ability to log in to have access to the time records and complete their audits.

Featured Services

FRA Compliant

FRA regulations for electronic record keeping are met by the application.

Increase Productivity

The application saves users an average of $515 per user per year by speeding up the time tracking process.

Employee Accountability

trackHOS’s visual dashboard and reporting allows administrators to see into their employees day.

Accurate Record Keep

All users have increased accuracy with historical logging, increased visibility, and a consistent medium of data input.

Easy Implementation

Once provided with the users information and the types of reporting users would like, the software can be fully implemented in a week.

Reduce Paperwork

trackHOS is a paper free application, which reduces paper waste use on daily, monthly, and other periodic time tracking forms.

Find out how you can increase productivity by $515 per year.

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Each of these features provide our customers a lower operational cost while giving them real-time and current information to make quick and informed decisions.

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