Railroad Bridge Inspection Software

Railroad Bridge Inspection Software

The trackAsset bridge inspection software is the number one choice of bridge inspectors. Through the user friendly application, inspectors are able to inspect their bridges while meeting every FRA electronic system requirement. The inspection software will enhance and compliment a railroad’s bridge management program.


Why switch to the system?

The solution is the best on the market for completing inspections and for ease of use. Railroading may be behind the times as it relates to technology but with this bridge inspection software, users have the ability to jump ahead of the curve. Through current customers, Railroad Software understands the pains of older software systems and using paper and pen forms.

This Bridge Inspection Software is built for:

FRA Accessibility

The FRA will be given a login to the system so they can ensure all inspections have been completed properly. This means no more stacks of paper to sort through or lost forms to track down.

Current Customers

Even with the solution being new on the market, the solution has seen great interest since going to market. With around to 2,000 Bridges being inspected through our system.

Implementation and Training


FRA Compliant

The application has been under FRA compliant. trackAsset meets the code of regulations in Part 213, 234, 236, and 237.

Increase Productivity

By using the software, users can finish inspections more efficiently and increase time working on other job duties.

Asset Visibility

The practical dashboard and inspection forms produce a clear and concise visual of all the important data needed.

Accurate Record Keeping

All users have increased accuracy with historical logging, increased visibility, and a consistent medium of data input.

Easy Implementation

The configurable asset building allows for importing of previous files used or the ability to shape new ones quickly.

Reduce Paperwork

trackAsset is a paperfree application, which reduces paper waste use on daily, monthly, and other periodic inspection forms.

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Increase the Accuracy, Productivity, & Visibility of your Maintenance of Way Assets and Inspections.

Code Of Federal Regulations

Part 213 – Track Safety Standards
Part 234 – Grade Crossing Signal System Safety
Part 236 – Rules, Standards, & Instructions Governing the Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of Signal and Train Control Systems, Devices and Appliances
Part 237 – Bridge Safety Standards.

Training, Implementation, And Consulting

Railroad Software Recognizes That Each Rail Facility Unique

“and as a result we seek to partner with our clients as closely as possible throughout the implementation and training process”

Railroad Software Is A True Partner To Our Customers

“We promise personalized service from rail industry experts well beyond the initial training and implementation. We believe as our customers are successful with their operation we well”

Railroad Software Promotes A “Hands-On” Philosophy

“which means we desire to understand your operation as well as you do to create a smooth transition so we can quickly assess and solve your problems”

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