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Rail Terminal Management Software

The Railroad Software Training and Implementations Team has the primary focus of ensuring the success of our clients, and their use of Railroad Software products to improve overall business processes. Our team is truly dedicated to focused, deliberate, and consultative services. With our customer-focused philosophy, we seek to always provide training and implementation services in such a way that encourages complete product utilization. We are always striving to learn and discover how to enhance the overall efficiency of our products. We are dedicated to making sure our customers have full operational visibility and realize true cost savings while using our product.

Our training & implementation philosophy

The Railroad Software training and implementation philosophy is customer focused and we are confident that our understanding of your business will result in the successful use of our product. We base our implementation and training on the following ideas:

  • Railroad Software recognizes that each rail facility unique, and as a result we seek to partner with our clients as closely as possible throughout the implementation and training process to develop a client specific roadmap for the ongoing successful use of the software.
  • Railroad Software is a true partner to our customers extending well beyond the initial training and implementation. We believe as our customers are successful with this product we will continue to be as well, and as a result we are dedicated to immediate and effective support of our product and ensuring that your team is well informed and able to utilize the software.
  • Railroad Software promotes a “Hands-On” philosophy which means we desire to understand your operation as well as you do. This creates for a smooth process and ability to quickly assess use cases and solve your problems with our product.