Railroad Software was founded to further develop the rail industry in technology

Railroad Software was established “to create management software from railyard experts as an affordable solution regardless of size or technical capabilities.” Jeff Birmingham, the company’s CEO, has roots that run deeply through the railroading industry. As a 5th generation railroader, Mr. Birmingham inherited a wealth of knowledge from his families’ experiences owning and operating railroad properties. Instilled in Mr. Birmingham was the tradition of excellence and pride to service all customers equally regardless of the size of their railroad-based operations.
Mr. Birmingham explains, “Running a small to medium-sized rail yard taught us that many of our business practices could be optimized through better, faster, cheaper, processes and tools within rail yard management software.” After the realization of their pressing need, he sought out a software that fit their size and budget. The multiple demos and quotes received left Mr. Birmingham unhappy at the current level of software available. He decided to take it upon himself to make an intuitive system that lowered their facilities operational costs. Since that time, Mr. Birmingham has grown his software products and company very rapidly since 2012 and looks forward to delivering Railroad Software’s services to the Rail Industry.

Railroad Software was founded to further develop the rail industry in technology


Product solutions must address the entire spectrum within the rail yard industry. Build solutions that meet everyone’s needs.


Customizable to your needs with personalized service.


We are constantly in contact with our clients to assure prices from the outset and to help reach all of our customer’s budgets.

User Friendly

Our visual applications are very easy to use with tables and reports that give access to all the data the industry needs.


Design ease of use through all available platforms, from desktops to handheld mobile devices.

Training, Implementation, And Consulting

Railroad Software Recognizes That Each Rail Facility Unique

“and as a result we seek to partner with our clients as closely as possible throughout the implementation and training process”

Railroad Software Is A True Partner To Our Customers

“We promise personalized service from rail industry experts well beyond the initial training and implementation. We believe as our customers are successful with their operation we well”

Railroad Software Promotes A “Hands-On” Philosophy

“which means we desire to understand your operation as well as you do to create a smooth transition so we can quickly assess and solve your problems”

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