Rail Yard Inventory Software

You can know where every rail car is all the time, regardless if you are using AEI Tag readers or simply your switching crew. Managing rail car locations within your railyard details is simple and fast using our web-based or tablet application. Rail Yard and Terminal Management developed specifically for the operator!

Operator & Customer Dashboards

The dashboard provides the ability for operators and customers of the operator to quickly see the state of the rail terminal facility

Drag & Drop Track Map

Our intuitive track map interface will allow you to quickly drag and drop railcars in order to assign a new position or create a switch request. Here are just a few features the Live Track Map offers:

Automated Live & Historical Reporting

Reports are how terminals are able to track the movement of goods within their facility or their customer. As a result we believe that the customer should have the ability to generate almost any type of report necessary for operating a rail facility.

Manage, Sort, & Search Railcars…with ease!

The interface to manage railcars throughout the facility is simple and fast. The list below is a few ways we make it easier to manage the railcars in your facility:

Railcar History Tracking

Every railcar, every trip in your rail yard, every movement, and every status change tracked for consistency, accuracy, and accountability.

Training, Implementation, And Consulting

Railroad Software Recognizes That Each Rail Facility Unique

“and as a result we seek to partner with our clients as closely as possible throughout the implementation and training process”

Railroad Software Is A True Partner To Our Customers

“We promise personalized service from rail industry experts well beyond the initial training and implementation. We believe as our customers are successful with their operation we well”

Railroad Software Promotes A “Hands-On” Philosophy

“which means we desire to understand your operation as well as you do to create a smooth transition so we can quickly assess and solve your problems”

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