AEI Tag Readers

Railroad Software offers Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) Systems to railroads and industrial shippers. Across North America AEI Systems are used by Railroad Software’s customers to monitor railcar movements into industrial yards and to build clean train consist data.

Railcar movement and status updates can be updated automatically using the AEI stationary readers at key locations across the facility. Coupled with Rail Terminal Management Software (RTMS), short line railroads and shippers can accurately track inventory and movement of railcars on tracks with AEI systems in place. Railroad Software has a proven track record in managing complex yard environments.

Advantages of using stationary

AEI readers

Automate railcar

Status changes by position
within facility

Build train consists

Accurate time stamp on
moves and updates

The AEI system offered by Railroad Software comes with two antennas that are placed on both sides of the track, enabling the railcars passing by to be properly identified in the event one electronically coded radio frequency (RF) tag on either side does not function correctly or is missing. Cellular modems are installed within the NEMA-4 enclosures and ensure that the device is able to connect at all times. Cellular Data plans can be included at an additional cost if requested by the customer.

What makes Railroad Software’s AEI system best of class?

Ongoing Support

Railroad Software offers yearly support, which includes a loaner unit in case of a malfunction of the reader. In the case of a needed repair or replacement reader, the loaner unit would also ensure the client is taken care of at all times. Yearly support also includes traditional support services through our service license agreement.

Complex Yard Automation

Most AEI reader systems will only send a consist as railcars pass by an AEI reader. Railroad Software’s system allows for complex yard movements where railcars will pass back and forth across a reader and create a clean consist for actual movements within a rail yard.

Web-based portal

Provides access to a searchable interface to access all historical consists and activity reports generated by our AEI Readers.

Open Integration

All AEI tag readers are openly available to be utilized for any yard management system or application. While we recommend using our RTMS application to automate a rail facility this is not a requirement for the purchasing of the AEI reader and services.

Training, Implementation, And Consulting

Railroad Software Recognizes That Each Rail Facility Unique

“and as a result we seek to partner with our clients as closely as possible throughout the implementation and training process”

Railroad Software Is A True Partner To Our Customers

“We promise personalized service from rail industry experts well beyond the initial training and implementation.We believe as our customers are successful with their operation we well”

Railroad Software Promotes A “hands-on” Philosophy

“which means we desire to understand your operation as well as you do to create a smooth transition so we can quickly assess and solve your problems”

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