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As part of our suite of Track Products, TrackWorker is designed – from the outset – to provide our customers with a simple approach to managing their operational and regulatory compliance data requirements.
We designed this product with a FRA 49 CFR Part 228 compliance engine to assist our clients with their employee FRA compliance for training, qualifications, and certifications.

Product features

  • Supports FRA auditing through our FRA Report giving Compliance Officers simple and easy to access to employee information.
  • Supports electronic record keeping requirements capability 49 CFR Section 243.203 for:
    • Engineers – 49 CFR Section 240
    • Conductors – 49 CFR Section 242
  • Supports Training Qualification and Oversight 49 CFR Section 243 for other resources
  • Supports Human Resources, Training, Look-ahead/Reminder scheduling to maintain compliance with qualifications, certifications, and re-certifications.
    • FRA Compliance Reporting – End of month and month-to-date reporting to document any current or past compliance issues for self-reporting requirements
    • Flexible Reporting – provides filters for employee, service type, service code, and other key values

Each of these features provide our customers a lower operational cost while giving them real-time and current information to make quick and informed decisions.

Training, Implementation, and Consulting

Railroad Software recognizes that each rail facility unique

“and as a result we seek to partner with our clients as closely as possible throughout the implementation and training process”

Railroad Software is a true partner to our customers

“We promise personalized service from rail industry experts well beyond the initial training and implementation.We believe as our customers are successful with their operation we well”

Railroad Software promotes a “Hands-On” philosophy

“which means we desire to understand your operation as well as you do to create a smooth transition so we can quickly assess and solve your problems”

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