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Track Asset

As part of our suite of Track products, TrackAsset is designed – from the outset to provide a simple maintenance of way software application to manage operational and FRA compliance data requirements.TrackAsset is a map-based asset management application designed to meet the Federal Railroad Administration’s(FRA) requirements for signal, bridge, track, and switch inspections. The base setup has all the tests and inspection forms required for a user to meet FRA standards.

Product features

Signal & Wayside Asset Management – Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, and Multi-Annual tests and inspections can be completed electronically in the field. FRA inspection reporting and work order management is simple and intuitive.

Bridge Management – Yearly inspections and the support of bridge management plans are easily managed in a single system. Images, drawings, and other documentation can stored electronically and easily accessed via a tablet or mobile device.

Track & Switch Management – Track inspections and defect management is completed by tablets or mobile devices. Utilization of GPS coordinates and a map based interface provides for an overall management tool for predictive and preventative maintenance of the entire track system.

Other Railroad Assets – The availability of an intuitive form builder and flexibility to add multiple asset types provides the ability for railroads and contractors to add and conduct inspections for all types of assets ranging from locomotives to roadway equipment.

Scheduling and Reminders – A robust scheduling and reminder engine is provided for all reoccurring inspections and tests. Daily emails and simple calendar views provide visibility and accuracy in maintaining compliant records.


Training, Implementation, and Consulting

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